Runway to Realness: Nicola Formichetti’s Diesel Takeover.

By Associate Stylist Brandon Giordano Nicola Formichetti was named Diesels first ever Artistic Director last Spring, and finally made his fashion week debut with the label last week. With his luxury meets downtown show, Gaga stylist and Mugler director, succeeded in giving Read more

The Adoni Group- Made in Manhattan!

Going to the Adoni Group’s headquarters in the heart of the garment district was like going to a big family home.  Everyone was so warm and hospitable, making sure we were comfortable in their design studios and in their Read more

DaleStyle Pop Up at Grey Era Vintage!

We're so excited to be working with the lovely Sierra Fromberg of Grey Era Vintage again.  Sierra has helped us curate the collection of one of our favorite clients, Carol Schuster.  Known for specializing in the best of 90's Read more

Runway to Realness: Nicola Formichetti’s Diesel Takeover.

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Diesel Runway Red Leather

Red Hot Leather set

By Associate Stylist Brandon Giordano

Nicola Formichetti was named Diesels first ever Artistic Director last Spring, and finally made his fashion week debut with the label last week. With his luxury meets downtown show, Gaga stylist and Mugler director, succeeded in giving Diesel a more authentic edge that founder Renzo Rosso has worked for since starting the brand in the late 70’s.

Customized jean on jean

Customized Jean on Jean

Diesel began as an alternative jean company that created casual everyday pieces for people that went against the grain. Although very progressive with online marketing and artist collaborations, over the years Diesel has been more associated with meat-market gay culture and Euro-tourists than real street culture. With Nicola’s latest outing for the brand, he’s given back Diesel’s “street-cred” by using non-traditional, tattoo covered models, found on tumblr, dressed in clothing they themselves customized. There were perfectly cut leather moto-jackets, distressed jeans, and Comme Des Garcons-esque inside out military jackets. All perfect staples that every downtown girl would want to mix into her wardrobe.

Acid Wash Diesel

Acid wash, sheer and a moto

The shortcomings: A lack of new design ideas presented by Formichetti. As stylists, we’re constantly searching for new ways of wearing clothing or new staples that our closet didn’t know it needed. The Diesel show presented style ideas that looked like they were picked up off of Saint Marks Place or Venice Beach, which they most likely were, considering the model casting. The ever controversial punk aesthetic is always cool, but angsty teens have been doing it for years, and I doubt any of them will be able to afford the Diesel price point.

Formichetti and Brooke Candy

Formichetti and Brooke Candy

I can definitely see Formichetti taking the brand to a new and more authentic place, but I hope his next outing for the brand offers more innovative ideas that I can’t find at my favorite vintage stores.

What did you think of the show? I’d love to hear in the comments section below.

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The Adoni Group- Made in Manhattan!

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Adoni Showroom

Adoni Showroom

Going to the Adoni Group’s headquarters in the heart of the garment district was like going to a big family home.  Everyone was so warm and hospitable, making sure we were comfortable in their design studios and in their factory.  Born and raised in New York the Adoni family truly celebrates and is in touch with the cities women.


Rap Royalty Hats


First of all, just a few floors below their design studio, they have the only full-production shoe factory in New York City. The Adoni design team can literally be inspired by a woman on the street in the morning, and have a fully realized sample by that afternoon.  This convenience not only lowers their carbon footprint it keeps the groups designs very current.  When looking over their design aesthetic it’s clear there’s a very urban/ hip-hop influence.  One room was full of baseball hats with images of rap royalty, cleverly placed in 3-D gold frames on the caps brims.  There were also candy colored Chelsea boots in exotic skins with straps and buckles that would easily fit into a downtown girls closet or add edge to a park slope stroller pushing mom.

Quilted Satchel

Quilted Satchel

The Adoni’s haven’t forgotten that a NYC woman is edgy and hip.  I was also shown classic quilted satchels with silver studs that added a slight edge and interest to an otherwise very practical and comfortable handbag.  Woman in the city need a bag with compartments and room, because you’re going from the gym to the office to dinner then for drinks never having time to head home and freshen up.

Everyone I spoke with was in love with the city and truly cared about what woman want to wear.  Asking about our clients, and the type of shoes they generally go for.  I feel there are so many designers that are mostly self-serving and only care about what they feel like designing.  Having production in the city saves time and enables the company to really test out products where they’re going to be sold and worn.  Stores in the city are able to purchase small batches and test them out on real women and see what really works.



Just a teaser, I was shown a preview of all of their shoes hitting the shelves in the upcoming weeks for spring.  There were very comfortable strappy stacked heels in blush pink, canary yellow, and cobalt blue as well as fun booties with exotic skin details in embossed croc or python.  With their lines, Giraffe Walk, Modern Vice, Jay Adoni Line, and many others, the Adoni family is constantly rethinking itself each season with new and exciting designs.


Adrian being fit for custom shoes.

Only two percent of the shoes sold in the US are actually made here in the states.  I feel that the Adoni Group/family is way ahead of the curve, creating designs that are truly unique to urban women in the very city they live in.

-Brandon Giordano : Associate Stylist

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DaleStyle Pop Up at Grey Era Vintage!

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Grey Era

Grey Era Rocks!

We’re so excited to be working with the lovely Sierra Fromberg of Grey Era Vintage again.  Sierra has helped us curate the collection of one of our favorite clients, Carol Schuster.  Known for specializing in the best of 90′s alternative wear, Grey Era, is the perfect space to showcase designs from 90′s high end designers like, Margiela, Hermes (by Gautier), Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and many more.  With Hermes high waisted Angelica Houston-esque pants for $75 and all shoes at 40% off why wouldn’t you stop by?  Head down to our favorite vintage boutique now before it’s too late!

Nice Rack!

Dries, Issey, and Hermes pieces.

Shoe Selection

Chanel, Balenciaga, and Jil Sander Shoes!

Grey Era Vintage
435 East 9th St (between 1st Ave and Ave A)
New York, NY 10009
Phone: 917-557-1051

- Brandon Giordano : Associate Sylist

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Top 5 forward thinking designers for F/W ’14 thus far!

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I hope everyone survived fashion week in NYC and are enjoying viewing the festivities from afar as they head to Milan.  Unfortunately, in this industry investors play a huge roll in what goes on the catwalk, creating a vast homogenization of labels.  So, for my post this week, I’d like to celebrate my favorite 5 designers that pushing us all forward into new territory for this upcoming fall/ winter season.


Rodarte Star Wars realness

Rodarte:  The Mulleavy sisters showed an evening dress that was all 70’s glam printed with a Star Wars motif.  These girls always bring their memories of childhood into their designs, and this example is majorly sexy with a sense of whimsy and humor.

Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler splatter prints.

Proenza Schouler:  Those boys have been bridging the gap between cool downtown and classic uptown since they launched over a decade ago.  This year while many designers showed monochromatic looks; they mixed splatter patterns and interesting textures with soft luscious fabrics and furs.


Issa creative color blocking

Issa:  Blue Farrier’s first runway presentation for Issa completely blew everyone away!  She wasn’t afraid to get rid of the old bohemian look the label was known for and bring in the new.  With bold colors and broken mosaic prints she created pieces that were timeless and very special.  Not to mention, incredibly wearable.

Christopher Kate

Christopher Kane book page chiffon

Christopher Kane:  Christopher Kane mixed so many different concepts this seasons that were all so convincing and inspiring.  Oversized suits, chiffon book page dresses, nylon or PVC mixed with mink and shearling, and origami sleeved little black dresses all walked the runway and each idea was equally inspiring. Sounds crazy?  You should check it out for yourself. 

Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha Anne Boleyn chic.

Simone Rocha: Anne Boleyn chic?  Yep and it’s fabulous!  Rocha’s use of fabric, color, and structural ruffles was ultra feminine, yet presented a warrior-like woman.  Many of the pieces could be worn as separates, or one could go for the whole look and take on the world like a Boleyn queen!-Brandon Giordano : Associate Stylist

all photos courtesy of

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Anthony Luciano: Couture For the Eccentric Spirit!

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Anthony Luciano‘s designs are for your over the top kooky relative.  You know the one: a few parts Little Edie, a dash of Holly Golightly and a bedazzle of Liberace.  Meeting him at his studio this past week re-sparked my love of the exotic and over the top.  Anthony’s designs are custom made for countless unique personalities that crave something well made that goes against the grain.  Using vintage frames sourced from all over the world, exotic skins, furs, feathers, beading and leather flowers, he’s able to create pieces that ooze luxury and spark the imagination.  The unique experience of being able to connect directly with a designer and make your whims and fancies come true, is so refreshing in a sea of business driven corporate fast fashion full of “it” bags that end up spewing countless knock-offs.  I’m on a constant search for something of quality that’s special, and Anthony’s creations are just that.  Located in the heart of the garment district, his studio is hand crafting priceless pieces that will surely be passed down to future generations.

So let’s get started!  How did you find yourself in fashion design? I understand your parents had some influence?

Anthony Luciano

Anthony showing off some of his favorite bags.

My mom was a seamstress and my dad was a carpenter, but my creative pursuits were all my own.  I grew up in a very rural area in upstate NY.  I wasn’t exposed to a whole lot as a kid.

It’s so important to have access to the arts.  Especially when you’re a kid.

Yeah, I try to give back.  I teach handbag design for G.O.A.L. (giving open access to learning) when I can.  Some of the kids come in and are very serious about learning and it’s so cool seeing them grow.  It’s also just a safe and interesting place for them to be on a Saturday afternoon.  

That’s so great!  Children can be so inspiring in themselves.  So, did you eventually study design?

Yeah I moved to NYC after high school and studied fashion design at FIT and I loved it, but found apparel wasn’t quite right for me.

Custom pieces with vintage frames

Just a few of his custom pieces with vintage frames


I find allot of us in the industry start with apparel design and find our ways to other creative outlets in the field.

Yeah, I started doing accessories just for fun and I loved it.  It was just right.

Isn’t that how things work?  It’s great that you found what’s fun for you and became so successful for it.

It happens that way.  I never had a direct path.  I kept myself open to doing different things. I also just love that there’s no fit with handbags.


Handbags don’t discriminate!

You could be feeling fat one day and grab an amazing bag and your ready to go.  It’s great for everybody.  

Shall we talk about the cabinet with all of the vintage frames!  It’s beautiful.

Vintage Frames

Countless unique vintage frames

Oh you saw the cabinet over there did you?

Haha Yes!  Where is that all sourced?

They are all sourced from all over the world.  There’s real Bakelite, tortoise, ivory, sterling silver, precious stones, micro-mosaics, and countless other beautifully detailed frames.

A lot of the time does your process begin with looking at a vintage frame and then you create around it?

Most times.  I usually go to the cabinet and pull some frames that are inspiring me that day, because that’s always changing, and then I look at leathers and skins and see what works with the style of the frame.  The frame usually speaks to me and then it goes from there.

Do you research the frames at all?

I’d love to but it would be very difficult seeing most of them come from dealers and not the original owner. But I can figure out what period it came from.  I love thinking of the women who used to carry it and what her life was like and also the future that it has with its new owner.

Is there a certain type of person that you are designing for? 

There’s not really a set client, but I can say that they are very eclectic and extremely independent women who don’t need a label to justify their style. They have everything else and they come to me for really special pieces they don’t care about labels.  It’s his or her initials that matter not someone else’s.

White snake skin

White snake skin clutch with vintage crystals

So you meet with your clients to make specific bags?

Oh yeah! I have many people that come right here to my studio.  People get so excited about creating something for themselves.  They can come in and pick up a bag and say I want this, but in hot pink alligator.

That’s very cool.  Not allot of designers do that.  I feel like most bags just come off of a conveyer belt somewhere.

Yeah it’s very cool and fun for me to meet these women in person.  It’s feels like spending the afternoon with a friend playing dress up.  


On that note how do you feel about “it” bags and trend driven design?

I mean we live in a society that’s “throw away” everything.  And I pride myself in making beautiful pieces that people can carry ten years from now.  We do some trend driven things, but it’s not over the top.  We try not to pay attention but we have to.  When it comes down to it I stay true to my own design.  I like beautiful detailed work and that’s what I’d like to be known for not for having an “it” bag.

So what are you super excited about for spring/summer?

Well, we’ve shipped out most of the collection because I’m going to Florida to do a show with Neiman’s. But we just did this purple python and feather tote bag for a client that I love.

Python and feather tote bag!? 

Python and feather tote

Purple, Python, and Feathered! Oh My!

Yeah, it’s pretty insane.  The bag is all python.  She called and said, “Python, feathers, and purple.  GO!”  Clients like that are so much fun.  We have another women in Florida who has cowboy boots made to match her bags and vice versa.  She’s fantastic.

Oh I would love to see that outfit!  I bet her manicure matches everything.  Head to toe dressing.  We tend to steer our clients away from that, but I appreciate someone who walks to the beat of his or her own drum!   

I’m pretty sure she’s her own stylist.  She’s so cool.

These women really are the gems of the industry!  If it weren’t for them there wouldn’t be purple, snakeskin, and feathered tote bags in the world.

Exactly, and I’m here to make their eccentric dreams come true!

-Brandon Giordano: Associate Stylist

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